Double Smoked Maple Glazed Salmon Strips (3 Oz)

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  • A NEW TRADITION IS BORN: We took 100 years of traditionally smoked salmon and developed a new way to experience cold smoked salmon & It's all happening in Brooklyn.
  • DOUBLE SMOKED STRIPS: We hand slice strips of salmon and use a new curing and double smoking process. The texture and flavor is so overwhelming. The taste just keeps developing on your palette even after you ate it. You've never had this experience before.
  • A NEW TASTE: It's almost dry like a jerky but its soft texture and bold smoke flavor will leave you wanting more. Once you start you can't stop. Its dry and oily.
  • NEW ARTISANAL, SMALL BATCH, SMOKING & CURING METHOD: Our curing and smoking method for these signature strips started with out of the box thinking. Our patent pending process let's you taste a whole new world of flavors you've never had before.
  • ALL NATURAL: individually cured and only cold smoked, our salmon uses no preservatives and no liquid smoke. Our curing method uses a combination of various fine and salts and sugars that no other manufacturer uses due to it's high costs.
  • A NEW GENERATION OF COLD SMOKED SALMON IS HERE: We are absolutely confident that you will appreciate our new line. This will redefine the cold smoked salmon market.
  • KOSHER PAREVE: All our products are under the supervision of the OU and CRC.

Ingredients: Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon (Astaxanthin Color Added to Feed), Salt, Sugar, Maple Syrup, Natural Hardwood Smoke and Natural Fruitwood Smoke.