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Hand Sliced Gravlax (Multiple Options) - KP

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 Feel like you deserve something special? We do too! try our premium, thinly sliced (by hand) Gravlax. Gravlax is created with a mixture of pepper and dillweed spices, mixed with salt and sugar with a tint of smoke adding a delicious, smooth, and refreshing taste. All of our hand sliced products are made using premium salmon and is never frozen. 

Our Gravlax is naturally cured and smoked in our state of the art facility in Brooklyn, New York, and, all of our products are certified kosher. We process our smoked fish with the finest ingredients and each piece is carefully crafted into a special treat. Please enjoy our smoked fish products as a small respite in today's hurried world.

Ingredients: Atlantic Salmon (FISH), Salt, Sugar, Dillweed, Natural Hardwood Smoke, Sodium Nitrite.