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1 LB Premium New Brunswick Salmon | Thin Slice - KP

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1 LB Premium Fresh (Never Frozen) New Brunswick Salmon | Thinly Sliced

This premium smoked salmon is only available on rare occasions. It is driven in direct from the Canadian waters, cut, cured, and smoked in a matter of days, and made available as an online Banner Smoked Fish exclusive.

The product is made available in 1 LB Packages and is not always in stock.

The premium smoked salmon is truly one of a kind and is thinly sliced and vacuum sealed for your convenience.

The taste and texture of this premium smoked Icelandic salmon is something that can not be beaten. See why our Premium New Brunswick Smoked Salmon cannot be beat!

Ingredients: Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon (astaxanthin color-added to feed), Salt, Sugar, Natural Hardwood Smoke.

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