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1 LB Center Sliced Smoked Salmon

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1 LB Center Sliced Smoked Salmon

Our premium center sliced smoked salmon is one of our most highly rated and sought after retail packages of smoked fish. It's sliced, center portion of the fish, and does not have the narrow or thinner portions by the head or tail. It is naturally cured and smoked in our facility in Brooklyn, NY and is certified kosher under the OU as well as the CRC.

The 1 LB Center Sliced Smoked Salmon is vacuum sealed for long lasting freshness and can be frozen for extended shelf life.

We process our smoked fish with the finest ingredients and each piece is carefully crafted into a special treat. Please enjoy our smoked fish products as a small respite in today's hurried world.

Ingredients: Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon (Astaxanthin Color Added to Feed), Salt, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite, Natural Hardwood Smoke.

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