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Cold Smoked Salmon Nuggets - Habanero Oil 8oz

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Habanero Spice (Hot) - When it comes to spicy, you can’t make it hot for everyone but ours is designed to give a hit to those who are not professional hot-pepper eaters. The nuggets are bathed in a habanero infused oil and then combined with a blend of hot peppers that measure in the tens of thousands on the scoville scale. Expect the hit after five seconds.

We cure our smoked salmon nuggets with a new blend of spices and finish it off with a fruitwood smoke. Expect a nice smokey perimeter with an soft yummy chew on the inside. Our nuggets are a perfect table topper! Enjoy with crackers or eat it plain, either way, these nuggets are a perfect treat!

Ingredients: Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon (Astaxanthin Color Added to Feed), Sugar, Salt, Canola Oil, Habanero Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes, Vinegar, Natural Fruitwood Smoke.